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Jul 9, 2018

In this second part of a two part episode. Bill Fletcher, our Sr. Director of Destination Marketing, will take us through EXC In-Depth Voyages, a program onboard the Maasdam right now.  EXC In-Depth Voyages have been created for travelers who are curious, thoughtful and eager to find new ways to experience the world....

Jun 19, 2018

In this, the first of a two part series, we take a close look at Explorations Central™ (EXC). Bill Fletcher, Sr. Director of Destination Marketing, helps us better understand how our guests transform their travel experience through our immersive EXC onboard programming.

May 25, 2018

I sat down with Orlando Ashford, President and Denella Ri’chard, Senior Director, Trade Communications & Engagement to learn more about our Grand World Voyage. Orlando shares some exciting stories of sailing on our most recent Grand World Voyage and Denella gives us valuable insights on how to sell long voyages.